greatest-generation-aircraft-logoGreatest Generation Aircraft has a new website: WWW.GGA1.ORG

They fly the C47 and offer you training – ground school and flight training in the C47. Giving you an amazing experience, stories to tell, and a very interesting log book endorsement.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
I’m a private pilot. I love doing this sort of thing.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
I know this story already…


What inspired me first was the spitfire. Although it’s a costly hobby, flying for fun and adventure is very rewarding. When I had a chance to take a holiday in England a few years ago, I looked for opportunities to fly in new, famous aircraft, and found the Boultbee Flight Academy, and so I planned a holiday that included learning to fly the spitfire.

Ever since that amazing experience, I’ve thought about my future holidays as opportunities to find places like Greatest Generation Aircraft, in Fort Worth, Texas. When I have a reason to visit part of the USA, I’m going to book time to do this training, and hopefully my daughter can come too. She is also a private pilot.

The content of this website is being restored, documenting some amazing aircraft.

About me. I fly an Expedition, a plane you probably never heard of. Although it’s a very modern plane, an amazing Mountain flying plane, it’s also historically significant. Only 13 were made before Found Aviation went bankrupt.